Weekend Essay Roundup


Though August is the laxest month (even Congress goes on vacation!), The Rumpus continues to fill its weekends with top-notch essays. Here’s what went up over the last three days:

Amy Butcher argues in favor of Eminem’s artistry, despite his lyrics being in direct opposition of everything she stands for socially.

Michelle Dean reveals that Hans Christian Andersen was an awkward houseguest beneath the roof of Charles Dickens, his passive-aggressive host.

And speaking of Congress, Steve Almond takes a closer look at Paul Ryan, and how being an Ayn Rand follower—as opposed to, say, a Kurt Vonnegut follower—has helped mold the VP nominee’s policies.

If that’s not enough, we’ve got new poetry by David Hernandez, and an interview with a filmmaker by the name of Francis Ford Coppola—perhaps you’ve heard of him?

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