The Secret World of Punctuation


“Em-dash is complicated, and she’s not about to let you forget it. It takes three keys to create her, after all. She lives on the blood of baby hyphens, and one time, in a bar, while very drunk, she stole En-Dash’s purse and took it home with her. When En-Dash called the next day  to ask if she’d mistaken the purse for her own (En-Dash doesn’t get out much, but she knows things), Em-Dash denied everything. She loves long walks across bridges, pork soup dumplings, the sunset, and standing in lines. Actually, she hates standing in lines, but since she is her own line, she never has to. She is something of an attention-grabber, and can be a bit touchy-feely, but she only means to help people connect. She’s a lover—not a fighter.”

Over at The Atlantic Wire, Jen Doll imagines the lives of punctuation marks. For the sake of fairness, the interrobang and emoticon receive shout-outs, as well.

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