Faces of Addiction Revisited


Back in March, we published a post on Chris Arnade’s “Faces of Addiction” project, which explores the stories of addicts living in New York City through a combination of photography and text.

Earlier this month, Arnade wrote a piece on his Tumblr defending the project, and specifically criticism of his reputation for “touching up” subjects prior to shooting the photos. On the self-worth of his subjects:

“I want the addicts to have a say in how they are portrayed, to have some small control over the narrative. That is rarely done. Often the narrative is high jacked by others to prove a point: Addiction is ugly and addicts are weak. It’s easier to forget them if it’s all their fault. Don’t ask, don’t tell, just judge.”

Rebecca Rubenstein is the Editor-in-Chief of Midnight Breakfast. When not reading books made of paper, she can be found thinking aloud on Twitter. She resides in San Francisco and maintains a healthy relationship with the fog. Rebecca is Interviews Editor Emeritus for The Rumpus. More from this author →