What Did You Want To Accomplish When You Grew Up?


The Awl‘s “What Did You Want To Accomplish When You Grew Up?” series just posted its first article where they asked a large swath of writerly tech- and science-minded people, “When you were young, what did you want to invent, discover, or accomplish in the future?”

Sam Biddle, the senior staff writer at Gizmodo opened: “I never wanted to invent anything when I was little. Probably because my parents were writers, and that’s a silly and impossible thing to try to comprehend when you’re tiny. Like most little boys in a vaguely militarized society, I wanted to be an astronaut and be in rockets and discover planets, until my parents told me you had to be in the Air Force before you could be an astronaut. Is that even true? I never really followed up, since I was, like, five…”

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