Thomas Allen’s Beautiful Evidence


Thomas Allen, an artist who spent his summers “devoted to paging through (and tearing pages from) old science books, encyclopedias and primary readers” in the name of art, has an exhibition featuring his most recent work opening on Sunday, September 9 at FOLEY Gallery in New York.

The exhibition features photographs of Allen’s work, which involves taking memorable works of literature and turning them into cut-out, scribbled-on, stitched-together sculptures. The pieces are then photographed to reveal the final product: an image, a character, a life, all springing forward from the books we’ve read.

As the press release states: “Playing the role of scientist, Allen enlists mid 20th-century books on the natural phenomenon of science (astronomy, physics, electricity, biology) and presents his research as if through the eyes of his 8-year old daughter. How would she understand and portray these theories and absolutes of science?”

The exhibition runs through October 14, 2012.

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