Himanshu Suri


Himanshu (Heems) Suri is a former Wall Street employee, one third of Das Racist, the head of Greedhead Music, and all around thoughtful person. Forbes has interviewed Himanshu about his aforementioned talents:

“‘When I first left Wall Street, I knew I couldn’t just be a musician,’ says Suri, 27, who studied economics at Wesleyan and spent two years in executive search on the Street, placing traders at firms like Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse. ‘Part of Greedhead comes from me having this business part of my brain that I want to keep active. Just being in the group or being an artist wasn’t enough for me. The way I work, I still want to chase deals.'”

Understandably, the interview focuses on Himanshu’s business prowess, but Heems also uses his music as a platform to address race issues in the United States. Many of his tracks deal with growing up in Queens, New York, the son of immigrant parents from India.


Suri has written articles about racism in popular culture: “You Know That’s Saag Paneer, Dude.”

Given readings on psychiatric wards and past drug abuse.

And released a mixtape, Nehru Jackets, in partnership with SEVA NY.

He currently keeps a Tumblr where he posts new songs, film clips, and answers questions posed by fans/dissenters with both honesty and humor.

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