Abrams At The Millions


The Millions featured David Abrams in their Post-40 Bloomer column and chronicle the 49-year-olds long road to literary success.

Fobbit, Abrams’s first novel, came out from Grove/Atlantic on Sept. 4 and is “is a tale of the Iraq war that manages to be as dark as it is funny, which is to say considerably.” Abrams spent 20 years as a active duty Army journalist recounts his time in Irag as a fobbit, army speak for desk jockeys who stick close to the relative safe haven of a Forward Operating Base. Prior to Fobbit Abrams had published a few pieces in notable periodicals like Esquire, but had never been able to support himself and his family with writing exclusively. After six years of work and many more of unrelenting tenacity, Abrams has gained himself a spot in the literary spotlight.

Be on the lookout for an upcoming Rumpus interview with David Abrams.

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