Anti-Nanotechnology Terrorism


Nature investigates the rising number of terrorism attacks, and threats, against researchers in the field of nanotechnology. Those perpetrating the violence claim to be environmental activists, and believe that nanotechnology will result in further harm to our planet. They are not afraid to make their mission known:

“The next day, an eco-anarchist group calling itself Individuals Tending Towards Savagery (ITS) claimed responsibility for the bombing in a 5,500-word diatribe against nanotechnology that it published online. Police found a charred copy of a similar text in the detritus of the explosion.”

Nanotechnology is a relatively new undertaking. A lack of commonly known information on the science makes over the top rhetoric more affective. Individuals are easily persuaded into thinking that extreme measures should be taken to stop all research. As a result, nanotechnology departments at Mexican universities across the country are receiving an increasing number of threats. Security has been heightened, but there is a concern that amping up safety measures will heighten fear felt by citizens of an already turbulent country.

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