“What They Came For Was To Kill Me”


Maybe if I’d participated more when I was a student, I’d have had a well formed outlook about who people really are, and I would have better grasped evil. I wouldn’t have committed as many errors as I have. I knew that people in Colombia killed, but I never thought that people I knew would be capable of going so far.


Everything around me was like a protective shell. I thought, I can talk and talk and talk and nothing will happen to me. I didn’t imagine that people were so bad. I never felt that evil would reach me. And it turns out that the shell wasn’t such a shell because they didn’t even threaten me; what they came for was to kill me.

Granta excerpts Throwing Stones at The Moon, the latest installment in the Voice of Witness series. The book, an examination of the human rights crises and ongoing civilian displacement plaguing Colombia, is scheduled for release by McSweeney’s this month.

Be sure and keep an eye out for our upcoming interview with the editors of Throwing Stones at The Moon, Sibylla Brodzinsky and Max Schoening.

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