From Grief to Gift


Big Other interviews Rumpus contributor Alex Gallo-Brown about his poetry collection, The Language of Grief, and how it led to a community gift giving project. Using Kickstarter, Gallo-Brown offered readers the options of donating money or exchanging gifts with one another in exchange for his book:

” I gave people two options for helping me put my book out into the world. Either pledge some amount of money to my Kickstarter campaign, or, alternately, give something non-monetary to another person in the ‘community.’ Either pledge guaranteed them a copy of my book. (Some people pledged both.) The campaign ran for about three weeks; in total, 90 people pledged money to the Kickstarter, with amounts ranging from $1 all the way up to $250 (the reward was the same regardless of the contribution: one copy of my book), while about 20 people took part in the gift giving community.”

Read the full interview here.

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