Chris Gethard


Distraught, a fan took to comedian Chris Gethard’s Tumblr, asking if Gethard had ever had suicidal thoughts. Despite asking anonymously, the fan made it more than clear that they are dealing with depression. In response, Gethard posted an extremely sensitive and heartfelt answer that details his history of depression – starting with planning suicide as a high school freshman, to attempting to cut his wrists while in college. Gethard spares none of the intimate details, but he also explains how getting help led him to experience completely opposite feelings. An appreciation for life:

“Dude, it was less than two years before that when I crashed a car and immediately realized that I at least partially allowed it to happen in the hopes that I would die. Less than two years. That’s how long it took for me to go from one of the darkest incidents I’ve ever had to something so overwhelmingly beautiful that I know there is no way to describe it to anyone in a way that captures how it made me feel, and how that means that even more than it already was it will be an incident that existed in time only for me, and that because it is something I will never figure out how to capture in words or writing or feeling, it will always remain only mine, and that somehow makes it even more beautiful.”

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