Davy Rothbart in The NYT


Recent Rumpus Interviewee, Davy Rothbart, caught up with the NY Times during his current tour celebrating the 10th anniversary of FOUND magazine and his new memoir My Heart is an Idiot.

Rothbart has become well known for his role as creator and curator of FOUND, one of the first of many publications to focus on exposing others’ lost private correspondences, scraps and doodles. In keeping with this tradition of bearing it all, Rothbart is eager to share embarrassingly comical and tender stories about himself and the people he’s met through FOUND in My Heart is an Idiot. Rothbart wrote the memoir, full of lost love and sexual misfires, during a 3 1/2 year break from touring for FOUND.

He also has another project in the works, a musical based on the origin of FOUND created by Hunter Bell, a Tony nominee for “[title of show]”. In the musical a Greek chorus sings songs built using FOUND items, and characters analogous with Davy and the important people in the life of the magazine animate the scenes. It’s making a trial run at the Berkshires this weekend.

You can also catch Davy on tour tonight at 7 pm in Manhattan at the East UCB Theatre and the almost 70 other cities on tour.

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