The Art of The Hobbit


It turns out J.R.R. Tolkien also had a knack for doodling. While he wrote The Hobbit, he drew several illustrations, ten of which were included in the first printing of the book.

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the soon-to-be Peter Jacksoned fantasy masterpiece tomorrow, The Art of The Hobbit is being released. The hardcover contains the complete set of artwork Tolkien created for The Hobbit, over 100 sketches, drawing, paintings, and maps. Here’s a sneak peak of 7 of the pieces from The Daily Beast.

You, Rumpus Readers, are also cordially invited to Hobbit Second Breakfast, which is your chance to “pop the kettle on, sit down with friends, family or colleagues, and take a moment to eat, drink and be merry.” Tomorrow, 11 am SHARP.

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