Photography Mashup


San Francisco photographer Shawn Clover, has been working on a project that compares aftermath photos from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake with pictures he take currently. Unlike other photography projects that present pictures from the past and the present side by side, Clover melds the two photos into each other, making his work all the more impressive:

“Now comes the fun part. Where was the exact spot the photographer stood? What was the equivalent focal length of his camera’s lens combined with the film medium? How high off the ground was the camera? Where was the sun in the sky? Everything needs to be precise when layering two photos on top of each other. My original idea was to tear away a piece of the modern photo to expose the 1906 photo, but after playing around a bit, everything seemed more interesting when the two were softly blended together.”

To date, Clover has released two parts of the project – here’s part one; here’s part two.

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