Nick Cave Monday #5: “Bring It On”


In 2003, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds released “Nocturama.” I love almost every record The Bad Seeds have released, but with “Nocturama,” I was disappointed.

I listened over and over, hoping I was wrong… that there would be a breakthrough… a moment of “Oh, wait, he got me, this is genius,” but it didn’t happen. “Nocturama” is my least favorite Bad Seeds release.

Yet, he’s still Nick Cave and there are three outstanding songs on the record. “Babe, I’m On Fire,” is a silly 14 plus minute jam showing The Bad Seeds at their finest when they’re being goofy….”Wonderful Life,” the first track where Nick shows off his excellent songwriting and ballad skills… and “Bring It On”, with guest vocals from Chris Bailey of The Saints.

Two words: Beautiful Booty!

Check out Nick and Chris performing the song on Letterman:

When I’m feeling low, or life is beating me down, I crank up “Bring It On” and stand tall. Is that all you have world? I’m still standing. I’m thriving.

Bring It On!

For a taste of Chris Bailey and The Saints, check out this great song from 1977:

I love it when great Aussies come together.

Stay tuned for more next week on Nick Cave Monday.

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