Matthew Dickman’s Plea


Poet (and recent Litquake participant) Matthew Dickman is asking for your help.

Inspired by the people, the movement, and the poetry of the Mission (and San Francisco) he saw in action last weekend, Dickman wants to do his part and spread poetry to those who do not currently interact with it. As he writes for Tin House:

I want to ask if you will join me in a small, inexpensive, but possibly life-altering experiment. Over the next thirty days, let’s all buy a favorite book of poems and send it to someone who doesn’t usually read poems. This could be a family member, friend, your local representative, whomever! I believe poetry enriches our lives and our hearts. I believe that by sharing poetry with others we are taking part in humanizing our culture.

… For my part, I have picked up two copies of Lucille Clifton’s The Book of Light and am sending them to Portland’s mayoral candidates. Whoever becomes my mayor, I want them to do so with a book of poems on their shelf.

So, go! Send!

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