“Transmittency”: A Rumpus Original Poem by Rachel Loden



I stand by what I said. I stand by it
or next to it. I peer over the gazebo

at what I said, the way it flowers
in the darkness, mysteriously,

like the trees I love in Michigan
for being the right height. What I say

floats out over the country
in my drowsy and tumescent

state. Cock a doodle don’t. Ann
only drives one Caddy

at a time. The last few days also saw
some profit booking in potato futures

as traders unwound their positions
after going long. I didn’t say that.

It was peanut butter and a pep talk
on my mission to Bordeaux. Seamus

thinks it was a long ride from Boston
to Lake Ontario. That hound

so like another, rolling over dead …
Stand by. I stand by what I said.

-Rachel Loden

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Original poetry published by The Rumpus. More from this author →