Jami Attenberg Roundup


This month’s Rumpus Book Club selection, The Middlesteins, hit bookstores yesterday, and there is so much love for Jami Attenberg—who is also a Rumpus contributor—it is nothing short of awesome.

Here are some links to psych you up for this good read:

The Rumpus’s own Saturday Editor Michelle Dean sits down with Attenberg for her “Quit Your Job! (But For The Right Reasons)” interview series at The Awl.

Brad Listi (who we interviewed not too long ago) chats with Attenberg on his always-enjoyable Other People podcast.

And over at The Hairpin, Attenberg gives us the beautiful, funny, and self-deprecating (but also self-loving) essay, “My History of Being Fat”—a perfect pairing with The Middlesteins.

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