Fallen Trees, Broken Windows and Beer Bottles


We’ve got a treat for those of you who followed Sandy’s destructive path and what has been left in her wake.

How about a nice essay about how New Yorkers can manage to come together after a disaster? Over at Outside, Rumpus contributor Jason Diamond writes about drinking in the aftermath of Sandy.

“However you became a New Yorker, get a handful of us together and we probably fulfill all the key stereotypes: we pay a ton of money for small apartments, we throw our trash out in front of those apartments, we kvetch (a word known here whether you’re Jewish or not) about everything, and we eat while we walk through crowded streets because we’re always in a hurry. But so much of this—the stereotypical-but-true stuff—gets stripped away during and following a disaster. You see our ability to come together, our ability to make light of crazy situations, and in the bars and apartments that have electricity after Sandy, our ability to drink.”

Nikita Schoen is an intern at The Rumpus, and a Writing & Literature student at California College of the Arts. She lives in San Francisco. More from this author →