California Voting Guides


If you live in California, haven’t voted yet, and are still questioning those poorly-worded propositions, don’t fret: KQED has got your back.

Compiled by KQED News and The California Report, the NPR affiliate presents voters with an immensely easy-to-understand ballot measure guide. Nonpartisan in nature, the guide cuts through the mumbo-jumbo and complicated language, and maps out the facts regarding all 11 props.

For all our friends in San Francisco, there’s an equally-impressive guide produced by the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association. This one’s a tiny bit more slanted towards the city’s political trends (see also: liberal), but it also gives the lowdown on SF-specific ballot measures in clear and concise language.

Remember: there’s no shame in staying informed. Having a say in what happens locally is power. We hope you all vote today.

Rebecca Rubenstein is the Editor-in-Chief of Midnight Breakfast. When not reading books made of paper, she can be found thinking aloud on Twitter. She resides in San Francisco and maintains a healthy relationship with the fog. Rebecca is Interviews Editor Emeritus for The Rumpus. More from this author →