Eve Ensler wants you to rise


The Nation features a very knowledgeable and loving essay by Laura Flanders about the inimitable Eve Ensler (author of The Vagina Monologues), her work, and her movement One Billion Rising.

OBR is a massive movement which hopes to take a visible stand against violence towards women, and will take place on Valentine’s Day 2013. Whether it’s a picnic or a dance party, Ensler hopes one billion people will do something to show their support on V-day.

“‘Electric’ is a good word. Eve’s interested in energy that ignites. Just as Dario Fo railed against ‘dead theater for dead people,’ Eve embraces theater that moves people to act, and rails against political talk that leaves people dead to violence. “

Nikita Schoen is an intern at The Rumpus, and a Writing & Literature student at California College of the Arts. She lives in San Francisco. More from this author →