John Lurie Rules


At Sidesplitter, Ben Worcester shines light on John Lurie’s art and his campy yet emblematic ‘90s tv show, Fishing With John, where he interviewed celebrities while casting a line.

“Stuff that happened in the filming was 90% improvised. The narration took a while to write while we were editing. And when you are working on something twelve hours a day, days on end, it is really hard to tell what is funny any more.”

Here at The Rumpus, Rick Moody refutes Ted Friend’s crass profile of Lurie in the New Yorker.

“The profile was going to be about Lurie’s burgeoning career as a painter (the medium that best suits him right now), but instead the stalker takes up two-thirds of the whole, in column inches, and maybe three-quarters of its spirit, which is part of why the whole is undeniably grinding and unpleasant.”

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