A Rumpus Book Club Special Offer/Update


Let’s say that some months we wind up with an extra copy or two of our Book Club or Poetry Book Club selections. And let’s also say that, after a while, those extra copies start to take up a little space. And let’s further say that we want to clear out some of that space in order to make room for future extra books. How might we go about doing that?

Well, we might start giving away a free copy of one of those past selections to anyone who signs up for the Rumpus Book Club or Poetry Book Club. (If you sign up for both, I’ll send you two free books!) This is only while supplies last.

This month, the fiction club is reading Manuel Gonzales’s The Miniature Wife, and new subscribers will start with that book. We’ll be chatting with Manuel about his book on January 2, so there’s still plenty of time to get the book, get in on the discussion, and talk with the author. (Plus, free book!)

And in January, we’ll be reading the latest George Saunders collection, Tenth of December. As with every Rumpus Book Club selection, you’ll get your copy before anyone else does.

On the poetry side, we’re reading Dana Goodyear’s The Oracle of Hollywood Boulevard right now, and we’ll be chatting with her on January 3. New subscribers also have time to get the book and get in on the chat. (Plus, free book!)

And in January, we’ll be reading Camille Guthrie’s Articulated Lair, out from Subpress. As with the Rumpus Book Club, you’ll get new collections of poetry before anyone else does, and have a chance to chat with the author about her work.

And you can also give these subscriptions as a gift. So send some literature your friends’ way, and get a bonus book while you’re at it.

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