Nick Cave Monday #15: “There She Goes, My Beautiful World”


Whenever I need a boot to my ass to work on writing or other projects, “There She Goes, My Beautiful World” is my soundtrack.

It’s better motivation than a Tony Robbins seminar and there’s no need to walk on burning coals or shade your eyes from the glare of his perfect white teeth.

Here’s how I interpret the message. First Nick brings us through nature (hey, check out those trees and shit, they keep budding, they don’t stop working). Then we’re brought through a list of bad ass artists who struggled for their work (Nabokov, Johnny Thunders, Dylan Thomas, etc.).

But Nick can’t get out of bed. He’s got to get up and work or the world continues without him. He needs the help of legends past. Get up, raise those hands…..

Here’s Nick very out of bed and performing the song:

“There She Goes, My Beautiful World” can be broken down to three words.

Do some shit.

If you gotta a trumpet, blow it. If you got a field that don’t yield, get out there and hoe it.

It’s all from the lost Bible book of Nick Cave chapter 1 verse 29.

Then of course we get one of my favorite lines from Nick:

“You weren’t much of a muse, but then I weren’t much of a poet.”

Here’s the guys on Jools Holland:

The performance below rules, but what an irritating audience waving flags, tons of flags.

Ah Nick, thank you. You got me out of bed.

What does living your dreams boil down to?

Doin’ some shit.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned next week for another edition of Nick Cave Monday.

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