“Our Education”


I think that most of us believe that time doesn’t really exist outside of the school. Or at least we act like it does not. This is to say, we know that in theory there was life before the school and that there will be life after the school if we can ever get out. But the time that passes here is the immediate time and the problems of our life in the school are the problems that seem the most real to us. Take, for example, my situation with Lydia. I would likely trade years of my future for her soft lips today.

That’s just a taste of Rumpus contributor Lincoln Michel’s “Our Education,” which is featured over at Recommended Reading this week.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming interview with Recommended Reading co-editors Halimah Marcus and Benjamin Samuel. They talk, among other things, about the process behind making Single Sentence Animations, the latest of which you can watch after the jump:

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