The New Young Folk Singer You’re Gonna Want to Hear


It may have taken Jessica Pratt five years to get her debut album released after she recorded it, but judging by the well-deserved welcome mat critics are rolling out for her, it may have been worth the wait.

SF Weekly‘s Byard Duncan profiles the folk singer, who performs at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco tonight (Wednesday the 16th) at 8:00.

An excerpt:

When Pratt talks about creating a song, what she’s really talking about is entering the self, poking around, and resurfacing with something pointed and beautiful. Her style isn’t characterized by technical virtuosity (she cannot read music) or a capacity to strut through the world, cracking wise about her foibles and heartbreaks. Instead, her strength is a sort of retreat; she pulls a microscope over feelings and sensations that others habitually overlook.

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