Nick Cave Monday #19: “Straight To You”


Leave it to Nick to create a love song amidst the horrors of judgment day.

When God strikes vengeance on us for our sins at Armageddon, Nick isn’t looking for survival, he’s looking for the woman he loves for that one last moment. Together.

The Bad Seeds weren’t particularly happy with the video and when they did their wardrobe changes they continued to take drinking breaks, which left a couple of the band members quite drunk by the final segment. (Always love Blixa, another drunken video clip coming soon.)

The song is beautiful, the video is a bit silly and it’s all in good fun.

“Straight To You” was on the 1992 release of “Henry’s Dream.”

This track has vivid meaning for me as I believed in Armageddon for many years growing up a Jehovah’s Witness….and I was also utterly in love with a few girls throughout my teen years, which was frowned upon in that restrictive environment. My love for Rachel, Michelle, Rebecca and Jasmine was stronger to me than Armageddon. But, God’s day of judgment was a continual panic attack, a constant lump in my throat, until I finally was able to leave and let go of that belief.

When this song came out, it spoke to me on a level that I don’t think Nick could even realize.

“Straight To You” was an anthem for the battle I used to have between knowing that my death was imminent at the hands of God vs. not caring because my heart was bound to someone special.

This vicious God of the bible, with his petty behavior of killing humans was quite a whack job. As for us lovers, we’ll run to the women who make our lives fuller for one last embrace.

Thanks for reading and come back next week for another edition of Nick Cave Monday.

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