Nick Cave Monday #22: “Jubilee Street”


Goth girls everywhere will soon breathe a collective sigh of relief causing a variance in the Earth’s orbit.

We have been waiting since 2008 for a new Bad Seeds record and we are so very close. “Push The Sky Away”, the 15th release by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds is available next week.

To celebrate our countdown until February 19th let’s watch the video for “Jubilee Street.” This version of the video shows boobs and ass. There is a censored, safe for work version, but who wants that?

It’s directed by John Hillcoat and stars Ray Winstone. Indulge:

I lose my breath when Ray Winstone drops to the prostitute’s feet, like a rabid beast devouring her soul through her toes. It’s sexy, pervy, dirty and a bit shameful and shameless all at the same time.

Leave it to The Bad Seeds to stab our hearts and director John Hillcoat to bitch slap the tears streaming down our faces.

For those lucky enough, Nick is doing a few dates at intimate venues in February. His home town of Brighton was one of those gigs.

“Jubilee” live in Brighton:

I must confess, the first time I listened to “Push The Sky Away” I didn’t really like it. Then, it grew on me, it rubbed me softly on my inner thigh. It’s really good.

Push The Sky Away Cover Art

Mark Mordue does a great write up of the record. Check it out.

The live shows have started and when Nick and the crew are at Coachella in April there are two Bad Seeds performances and two Grinderman performances.

Grinderman “broke up” last year but Coachella dishes out the big money to get bands to reunite. Hey, I’ll become a Jehovah’s Witness again for a weekend if Coachella drops a cool million on me. Can I offer you a Watchtower and chance to live forever in paradise?

“I believe in God / I believe in mermaids too,
I believe in 72 virgins on a chain / Why not, Why not,
I believe in the rapture / for I’ve seen your face,
On the floor of the ocean / at the bottom of the ray.”

Love Nick and his lyrics. That is from “Mermaids” off of the new release. Earlier in the song is this line:

“I was the match that would fire up her snatch.”

Yep. So poetic and raunchy.

But Nick, U No U had me at “I wanna tell you about a girl….”

Thanks for reading and come back next week for another edition of Nick Cave Monday.

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