Liberal Arts Roundup


Private liberal arts colleges have been in the hot seat lately. Emory students rallied and protested after their school’s president, James W. Wagner wrote an article commending the 1787 three-fifths compromise. In October, the school apologized for its discrimination against Jewish dental students during the 1960s.

The past handful of weeks, Oberlin’s facilities has been continuously vandalized with homophobic and racist epithets. Classes were cancelled on Monday after a KKK member was sighted on campus.

Dartmouth and Emerson College have both been scenes for racist vandalism this semester. Emerson student Willie Burnley responded to the vandalism by writing an article that has gone viral on the prevailing racist undertones at his college.

Julie Morse lives in San Francisco and is a poetry teacher. She can be found @JulieMorse16. More from this author →