Nick Cave Monday #30: “Heathen Child”


Grinderman announced their breakup about a year ago. But guess what Bad Seeders? Grinderman is performing two sets at Coachella in the coming days.

Let’s revisit the first single from Grinderman 2, “Heathen Child.” At the core of this humorous song is a message…In the end, we are all alone on this giant explosion that we inhabit called Earth.

Here comes the apocalypse, from our Gladiator gods, Grinderman:

Did you ever think there would be a day where Nick would be filmed lighting one of his farts and setting off a bomb? Nick didn’t either. Check out this fun interview with the guys.

Amen, Grinderman is a GREAT idea guys. I crack up at the restrainst on Nick for Grinderman, that he can’t sing about God or love. Restrictions open up amazing doors. Here’s part two of the interview.

Thank you John Hillcoat for pushing the boundaries and making Nick have an explosive fart.

Now let’s check out some brilliant live versions. First, their appearance on Jools Holland:

“You think your great big husband will protect you – You Are Wrong,
You think your little wife will protect you – You Are Wrong
You think your children will protect you – You Are Wrong
You think your government will protect you – You Are Wrong…”

Exit Festival in 2011:

Again, Nick says bullshit to those awful festival barriers and gets right into the crowd. Remember, if he comes your way, grab him and don’t let go. Shit, let him stand on your damn head if he needs to. Do your part as a Bad Seeder and help with the magic.

I thought I was in Los Angeles on Tuesday, but it turns out I’m in San Francisco. If you would like to bring me as your date to The Bad Seeds show, I am well behaved and a fan of pre-show tea near the Zen Center a few blocks away from the venue. Message me with a photo, why I should feel safe with you and let’s go shake our asses to Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.

(If you have a tattoo of Nick’s face or signature on your body, please, don’t get in touch….and stop doing such silly things.)

“Sweet little momo says: I’m scared and lonely.”

Thanks for reading and come back next week for another edition of Nick Cave Monday.

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