Nick Cave Monday #33: “I’m Gonna Kill That Woman”


Have you ever been harassed by a bully? Someone who comes up to you on the school playground. And all you’re trying to do is eat your ice cream cone in peace.

So the bully comes up to you and first asks why you’re wearing a fitted suit and have your hair slicked back. You hear this all the time from those muscle car jocks since us Bad Seeders had to put up with a lot of crap for styling proper.

Then, all you’re trying to do is enjoy your ice cream and the bully says, “Let me just have a lick.”

You know that means he’s going to take the whole ice cream and you’ll be left with nothing. So you throw the ice cream on the ground and stomp on it with your left foot, getting your classy shoes dirty and say, “I was done anyway.”

You wanted more of that ice cream, but you’ll be damned if that bully will even get one lick of that cold, sugary bliss.

In 1986 Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds put out a record called “Kicking Against The Pricks.” It was a bunch of cover songs filtered through the sound of The Bad Seeds.

Here’s “I’m Gonna Kill That Woman” live:

So, if your woman leaves you and gave you nothing but trouble, you just may have to make sure no one else has a chance with the lady by doing something like when that bully tried to take that ice cream cone away.

Hey, if you can’t have her, then no one can have her.

Sinister? Of course. We’re talking Nick Cave covering a John Lee Hooker song.

Here’s John Lee Hooker’s version:

Now that is one bad ass motherfucker! Bad Seed stamped and approved.

Here are The Bad Seeds in 1988 with the song. There are short interview segments before and after the song performed in former Yugoslavia:

How fun was the interview at the end of the song? Our lord Nick was getting a bit flirty with the interviewer.

Today’s lesson….when you’re young and in school an ice cream cone can mean as much to you as a woman when you get older. Sometimes drastic measures are called upon so you don’t get screwed over.

“Oh God knows/
God knows her movements/
God knows her movements are killin’ me.”

Thanks for reading and come back next week for another edition of Nick Cave Monday.

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