Weekend Rumpus Roundup


We hope you were so busy taking your mamas out to brunch and showering them with love and appreciation that you simply had no time for The Rumpus this weekend.

We celebrated Mother’s Day with two very different interviews that ended up being the same in many ways.

First, Sara Finnerty talked to her grandmother about love, marriage, and motherhood in a short but powerful mini-interview:

And you know what gets you through the day? The love for your family. When you have a child, you run home. I used to leave work and run to catch the train.

But of course, Mother’s Day can be fraught for some, including those, like Emily Rapp, who have lost their children. Amanda Eyre Ward spoke with Rapp about being a “dragon mother” and a “parent without a future”:

…until his care became more about nursing care than childcare, it wasn’t so different from any other mother’s experience. I loved my baby, and I took him out in the world, and other people loved him, too. He was a little presence on the planet, innocent and good, and that felt blissful.

Lauren O'Neal is an MFA student at San Francisco State University. Her writing has appeared in publications like Slate, The New Inquiry, and The Hairpin. You can follow her on Twitter at @laureneoneal. More from this author →