Self-published micro-fictions by Matthew Sharpe


On Monday, the novelist Matthew Sharpe announced that once a week for the next twelve weeks he will write a very short story to post on his blogspot as an experiment in self-publishing.

Uncommonly simple in execution, his blog is pure unadulterated text. Anything more would take away from his brilliantly observed vignettes that seem quiet and unassuming until they aren’t. The first story, which is one paragraph, is a chillingly relevant account of a mysterious hooded boy sitting in the back of a classroom, told from the perspective of his high school history teacher.

Especially moving in the unobtrusive nature of his writing, Sharpe’s stories acutely condense the most intimate aspects of human relationships.

Tara Landers graduates in December from UC Berkeley with degrees in Media Studies and Art History. With vague plans of working for a human rights organization in the future, she currently writes content for a mobile app that makes ordering bottle service more convenient. More from this author →