Nick Cave Monday #39: “Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow”


In a dreary, isolated town stands a building. Throughout the bland hallways are rooms that have been deserted for years. Old computer equipment, basically just a bunch of shit around.

That doesn’t stop Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from cleaning it up, bringing in some gear and throwing a moderately attended party.

Enjoy the setting of place in the snapshots of the first seven seconds, then get ready for a Bad Seeder line dance.

What a great video to check out The Bad Seeds groovy dance moves. It’s also fun watching Blixa Bargeld during the line dance part. I’m not sure if he is uncoordinated or drunk or both.

Noah Tyler is in the video. A brilliant actor that many have said, Dude, he’s like a young Nick Cave.

Props to the stylist of the video as the clothes are amazing. Or, maybe the people who joined the party really are that fashionable.

“Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow” is a go-to video for when I’m feeling a bit down.

Here’s a great interview with Nick before the band performs is live:

I love the upbeat vibe of this song and how he delivers his lyrics…..but when you really dive into them, they are murky and dark.

First Nick asks where everyone is at? Then he’s depressed and calls out to the Lord. That might not work so he sees his doctor. No answer from the doctor, let’s try the nurse:

“Where’s my nurse I need some healing,
I’ve been paralyzed by a lack of feeling,
I can’t even find anything worth stealing,
Under fifteen feet of pure white snow.”

Then he gives God another shot again, Oh my Lord, Oh my Lord.

Things feel pretty lonely. Are we on our own in this existence? Is there an answer? Lord? Nick?

“Is there anyone here who doesn’t know?
We’re under fifteen feet of pure white snow.”

The lesson we have learned today is that we can reach out to people and it might help a bit. We can also take some comfort knowing that everyone else is on their own on this rotating ball.

In the end, we need to take responsibility for ourselves. As Nick answers all of the pressing questions in the last verse:

“Save yourself! Save Yourself! Help yourself! Yeah, yeah yeah.”

Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another edition of Nick Cave Monday.

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