Heaven is a place in Denver


A goddess going by the name Nicole Sullivan has put into action an idea we’ve all had at some point: how nice it would be if that coffee shop inside the bookstore was a tavern.

Sullivan heard our prayers, and on Memorial Day BookBar opened its pearly gates.The specialized establishment provides locals with an ideal place where they can eat, drink, and socialize, all in the comfort of a bookstore. On selection are the newest and most recent books of high acclaim, as well as a smaller collection of the classics. And of course, any bookstore sensible enough to sell alcohol is going to have couches and chairs for you to get cozy.

Book in one hand, glass of wine in the other, and the possibility of meeting your soulmate who’s doing the same thing: what a wonderful way to spend a few hours.

Tara Landers graduates in December from UC Berkeley with degrees in Media Studies and Art History. With vague plans of working for a human rights organization in the future, she currently writes content for a mobile app that makes ordering bottle service more convenient. More from this author →