A Very Semi-Serious Request


Sometimes the most we can manage is to flip through the latest New Yorker for the cartoons.

A recent Kickstarter project (with only 9 days left!) is a documentary about the clever minds behind those drawings you giggle at each week. The film, Very Semi-Serious, “goes behind the scenes of the New Yorker and introduces the past, present and future generations of cartoonists who create the iconic cartoons that have inspired, baffled—and occasionally pissed off—all of us for decades.” San Francisco–based filmmaker Leah Wolchok has been working on the film for six years and needs your help to finish it.

Your money will go to two more weeks of shooting to make an even stronger film, and then twelve weeks of editing. And, of course, there are always thank-you gifts like totes, phone cases, tees, and if you’re feeling extra generous, the “Rejection Collection”—cartoons that were “Too Dark, Doo Dumb, or Too Naughty.”

Check out the trailer and give a little to bring the feature your way soon.

Caroline Kangas calls both Seattle and San Francisco home (though she currently resides in the latter). She recently received a mouthful of a liberal arts degree from the University of San Francisco and can be found selling pirate supplies at 826 Valencia or wandering the streets with her diva of a french bulldog, Elle. More from this author →