Weekend Rumpus Roundup


As the last of the smoke from the 4th of July fireworks drifts away, you rub your eyes, and there in front of you, you see…the weekend Rumpus roundup.

On Saturday, Yumi Sakugawa provided some practical instructions for actions you should take when you find a meteorite in a park.

On Sunday, we interviewed writer xTx about her latest book Billie the Bull. “I don’t enjoy telling regular stories,” she says, but some of the book’s irregularity is intriguingly autobiographical.

And if you enjoyed a four-day Independence Day weekend, make sure you don’t miss Roxane Gay’s interview with Terry Tempest Williams or Sean Uyehara’s interview with Drunk History creator Derek Waters.

Oh, and Horn!’s comic review of The Flamethrowers! And a dreamy essay about ex-planet Pluto. USA! USA! USA!

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