Ox and Pigeon: A Heroic E-Publishing House for Unilingual Americans


The digital literary press Ox and Pigeon was created in 2010 by three friends who, on vacation in Peru, recognized the need for high-quality English translations of all the brilliant yet inaccessible foreign authors we don’t realize we’re missing.

Their current project, The Portable Museum, is a collection of stories originally written in Spanish by European and Latin American authors, released twice a year.

One of the founders, Jason Curran, wrote a post for The Appendix about what goes into creating a literary press and where e-publishing could take us if inspired, innovative, bibliophiles took the reins.

Tara Landers graduates in December from UC Berkeley with degrees in Media Studies and Art History. With vague plans of working for a human rights organization in the future, she currently writes content for a mobile app that makes ordering bottle service more convenient. More from this author →