Discussing Zealot without Zealotry


You may have seen, over the weekend, an exceedingly squirm-worthy video in which a Fox News correspondent grills religious historian and scholar Reza Aslan about why he’s written a book about Jesus despite being Muslim (completely ignoring his credentials, not to mention the fact that Jesus is a holy figure in Islam).

The Los Angeles Review of Books will be discussing Aslan’s book, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, without the dishonest right-wing Islamophobia, including “a symposium on Zealot, with pieces by Andrei Codrescu, Kevin Hart, and Philip Maciak and a discussion with Reza Aslan.”

The first bit of coverage is this “reflection and endorsement by Scott Korb,” who has also written a book about Jesus (sort of), and who examines why it’s still so important to us to excavate and inspect facts about the “historical Jesus.”

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