Nick Cave Monday #47: “More News From Nowhere”


Have you ever approached an attractive girl and said something clever but it turns out to be totally obvious?

Yeah, me neither.

“More News From Nowhere” is a dreamy song of love, lust and death. All mixed up from Nick’s head and served on a plate of blood with a caramel covered apple.

Check out the video and also look for a cameo of a famous writer:

Did ya see Will Self at the bar? Is there anyone else you recognize?

“You are the one, you are the sun and I’m your dutiful planet.”

Now that’s a pick up line but Janet has “heard that shit before.” Off to Betty X who is “like Betty Y minus that fatal chromosome.”

From the video it seems there is a theme of disconnection between the men and the women; and loneliness amidst what should be a pleasant experience.

These lyrics might have you think twice before asking Nick for an autograph:

“I turn another corner
I go down a corridor and I see this guy
He must be about one hundred foot tall
And he only has one eye
He asks me for my autograph
I write nobody and then
I wrap myself up in my woolly coat
And I blind him with my pen.”

Nick, we’re in this dream with you. Take us on the ride again.

That was on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. “Nicolas Cave and His Seeds of Evil.” You’re so silly Jonathan Ross.

Let’s get to the bleaker part of the song.

“And don’t it make you feel so sad
Don’t the blood rush to your feet
To think that everything you do today
Tomorrow is obsolete
Technology and women
And little children, too
Don’t it make you feel blue
Don’t it make you feel blue.”

That’s from the original song and video but for TV performances you usually don’t get to do an 8 minute song.

Back to the lyrics, yeah, everything will be obsolete in the end unless you start a funky religion that gains momentum.

Here’s a note to the woman who is shown at the 54 second mark. My name is Tony and this light you are carrying is like a lamp hanging from a distant boat.

Feel free to call the editors at The Rumpus to get in touch.

The lesson we learn today is that love will come and go and we’ll feel lonely and say silly things in this mating ritual of life….and even if you meet someone and poop out some kids, what we do today will mean nothing in the future.

We need to bring the mood up a bit.

Extra credit, “Jesus of the Moon”:

“I see the many girls walking down the empty streets
Maybe once or twice one of them smiles at me
You can’t blame anyone for saying hello
I say hey, I say hello, I say hello.”

Go ahead and say hello, clever isn’t always the best approach.

There are five more Nick Cave Mondays since we end on September 9th.

Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another edition of Nick Cave Monday.


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