When The Private Becomes The Professional


“Will social media kill writers’ diaries?”

So asks Rumpus contributor Michele Filgate, in a Salon piece that examines the growing usage of Twitter, Facebook, and other public outlets to allow readers to eavesdrop on the personal thoughts and process of being a writer. Opinions from Matt Bell, Jess Walter, Caroline Leavitt, and others round out Filgate’s discussion, which begins:

Private thoughts have become professional thoughts—and these thoughts are shared often with no edits, as the writers are thinking them. It used to be that many writers’ diaries were published posthumously—and often, passages they might not have intended for the public would be shared with readers. But what does the age of social media mean for correspondence and diaries?

Rebecca Rubenstein is the Editor-in-Chief of Midnight Breakfast. When not reading books made of paper, she can be found thinking aloud on Twitter. She resides in San Francisco and maintains a healthy relationship with the fog. Rebecca is Interviews Editor Emeritus for The Rumpus. More from this author →