Nick Cave Monday #49: “Fears of Gun”


Heartbreak drives a man to drink. Especially when he’s in love and his lady has booted him out of the house.

And he drinks and he drinks, until days later, when the hangover kicks in.

Then he waits, because only time can heal a morning of sickness after a night of woe.

Here are Nick Cave and The Birthday Party with “Fears of Gun”:

“He’s bustin’ Clock (he hates its face)
Just sittin’ and talkin’ to Heart in ticks
Talkin’ back to Clock in slow and studied kicks
The fears of Gun are the fears of everyone.”

We are all Gun. A split-second away from betrayal that leads to a bender that leads to shaking off the self-inflicted physical pain before even starting on the emotional turmoil.

Sometimes it takes vomiting. Our guts hold all of our worries and anxieties. They are the third chakra, and they get screwy over this love-and-lust thing.

“Fingers down the throat of love
Fingers down the throat of love
Fingers down the throat of love
Love! Love!”

Only Nick Cave could make a hangover sound like a Bible verse…and heartbreak feel like it attacks every cell in your body.

Fear not, for there is always hope, and there’s always a new morning.

Extra credit: “New Morning”:

For every kick in the heart, there is a forthcoming redemption. She’s just waiting until you are ready for her.

Or, possibly, you have seen her for years.

Extra extra credit: “Watching Alice”:

Alice, we pine for you—and it’s a little weird, like on a stalker level. I don’t think any Bad Seeder could talk to you without feeling regret for our dark thoughts watching you brush your hair and pull up your stockings. We’ll put the binoculars down and readjust ourselves because it’s time to…

For extra extra extra credit: “Get Ready For Love:”

The lesson we learn today is that there’s heartbreak and there’s love and there’s always another day. Live your love life to the fullest, and when you’re sinking to the bottom or floating above the stars, Nick Cave has a soundtrack for your journey.

“Her hair hangs down
As she brushes it one hundred times
First she pulls her stockings on
And then the church bell chimes.”

Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another edition of Nick Cave Monday.

There are three Nick Cave Mondays left.

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