Weekly Rumpus Fiction: Lauren Grodstein!


Lauren Grodstein most recent book is The Explanation for Everything and her last novel A Friend of the Family was a New York Times bestseller. This week, she contributes fiction to the Weekly Rumpus!

Enjoy an excerpt of the story below:

For the first time in forty-eight hours, Katie looked crushed. Since Monday, so composed, so helpful – but now when Ellen made clear the obvious, that maybe this wasn’t the perfect time to bring up the Mexican pastor-in-training fiancé and his band of merry missionaries – now was when Katie looked crushed. As crushed, in fact, as she’d looked when she’d learned her father was dead.

She took a breath. “Mom, we’re still getting married, you know.”

Ellen put her forehead in the crotch of her hand. “Thank you for the tea.”