Even without a government shutdown, writers are not usually known to be a happy bunch.

“Writers are too neurotic to ever be happy,” author Connie Willis once said.

It is often necessary for writers to dwell in certain worlds and mindsets in order to get their message onto the page. Some might call it a creative burden, but that doesn’t mean that writers can never be happy. While Willis’ statement might be a bit of an exaggeration, happiness can be elusive at times, whether you’re a writer or not. There are always plenty of tips – some practical, others not so much – on how to achieve happiness. Happiness is often considered to be something that we as humans are constantly in pursuit of.

SoulPancake, the YouTube channel, has a series of videos called ‘The Science of Happiness.’ In a recent episode, they recruited some people to test out the effects of practicing gratitude in daily life.  The results are quite sweet. Practicing gratitude may not be a surefire way to happiness, but it could be a good start.

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