Weekly Rumpus Fiction: Sandra Gail Lambert


The next Weekly Rumpus brings you fiction from Sandra Gail Lambert! Here’s an excerpt:

Running didn’t help. It just turned you into prey. Ruth Ann knew the exact moment she learned this. She had started taking a bookbinding class on Wednesday nights. She saw the car advance, idle, and then creep forward as it hunted along the driveway of the community center. Ruth Ann didn’t know how she’d been found out. She rushed down the walkway and stopped behind a pillar. Her heels and shoulders pressed against the wood. Her hands fisted into her thighs. A classmate asked if she needed help with anything. His concern made Ruth Ann ashamed.

“Just have to make a call. I’ll be right in.”

Ruth Ann counted as he crossed the courtyard to the classroom. Thirty-six steps. It was dusk. Across the courtyard, she saw the fluorescent lights in the window flicker on. Nothing ever happened in front of other people.


Sandra Gail Lambert lives in Gainesville, Florida, where she writes fiction and memoir. Her work has been published in New Letters, the North American Review, Arts & Letters, and the Alaska Quarterly Review, and her novel The River’s Memory is slated for a Fall, 2014 release.


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