“Why Am I Waiting on The Approval of People I Don’t Know?”


“It’s 2011. There’s a shoebox under my desk filled with rejection letters. In defiant bold letters I’ve labeled it Reasons to Keep Writing.”

Over at The Outlet, writer and recent Rumpus interviewee Nathaniel Kressen chronicles his journey from frustrated to fulfilled as he took matters into his own hands and self-published his first novel. With the help of artist (and wife) Jesse T. Kressen, Kressen stitched together and hand-painted 250 copies of Concrete Fever, and subsequently launched Second Skin Books.

Rather than your usual, expected cautionary tale, Kressen’s story takes DIY to a whole other level, leaving a fair bit of inspiration for the rest of us.

Rebecca Rubenstein is the Editor-in-Chief of Midnight Breakfast. When not reading books made of paper, she can be found thinking aloud on Twitter. She resides in San Francisco and maintains a healthy relationship with the fog. Rebecca is Interviews Editor Emeritus for The Rumpus. More from this author →