Weekly Rumpus Fiction: Gordon Haber


The next Weekly Rumpus brings fiction from Gordon Haber! Here’s an excerpt:

He waited on a corner of Place Gordaine, a street of half-timbered houses. She was late and it was cold and his gut told him that this might not end well, or even begin at all if she did not show up. He needed to be prepared for that. Or be prepared in case she showed up out of duty, armored in politeness. Or if she appeared with a friend, a fat girl with a thing for Americans.

He wanted coffee, but there was no place to buy it to go, not on this street, not in this town, nowhere in the entire country. Nowhere, that is, aside from McDonald’s. But he could not risk being seen holding a cup emblazoned with the golden arches, a symbol that had a repelling effect on French people, like a cross to a vampire.

Gordon Haber writes criticism and journalism for The Forward and Religion Dispatches. His recent fiction includes “Uggs for Gaza” in The Normal School and “Adjunctivitis,” an Amazon Kindle Single.

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