Portrait of an artist in 7 minutes


Rumpus artist MariNaomi has her first published essay over at The Weeklings. She writes an about an honest, raw experience about what creative people will go through for the sake of “exposure”:

“The gig was unpaid, but I was promised national exposure. Like any person who makes a living off their art, “exposure” is kind of a trigger word for me—everybody who wants you to work for free promises this abstract, impossible-to-measure reward. ”Exposure” is not quite money, it’s not quite fame, and if you do enough free work, you start to realize it’s not quite anything. I mean, if [insert corporate name here] holds a logo design competition, can the winner expect to receive giant corporate bids for future projects? If [insert corporate name here] holds a T-shirt design contest, will the winner be launched into a cushy career, accomplishing the ever-elusive goal of making art for a living? (Spoiler alert: No.)”

Read the rest here.

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