Weekly Rumpus Fiction: Julie Babcock


The next Weekly Rumpus features fiction from Julie Babcock. Here’s an excerpt:

For four months, Elle came to my apartment with a host of delightful ideas. Elle the cat burglar in Rome. Elle the Parisian schoolteacher. Elle the Colorado sheepherder.  Elle the English barmaid. I was attentive and responsive. I followed her rules and began mastering new skills. I was going far, but I wanted to go further. Then she returned to my apartment the night after her LA dominatrix promise with a pamphlet for the Margaret Mitchell estate in Atlanta, Georgia. I poured us both a whiskey as she explained. “Gone with the Wind,” she said, fingering the dot near Atlanta, “Another place, another time. We won’t even recognize ourselves.”

Julie Babcock’s fiction has appeared in various places, including Necessary Fiction, Corium, Storyglossia, Waccamaw, and Fifth Wednesday Journal. “A Game We Played” is part of a recently completed short story collection, and Babcock is currently at work extending this story into a novel.

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