The Age of Knowledge


Lately, the news about Woody Allen has been flooding social media outlets. It’s “as if we are playing a national game of Clue,” our very own essays editor, Roxane Gay, writes in a piece featured on Salon. As people pore over court transcripts, interviews, and rumors to draw their own conclusions about the incident, Roxane suggests that we take a step back to consider questions that are broader in scale.

How do we respond when we learn that someone capable of creating great art is also capable of wrongdoing?

As Roxane writes, “There are no easy or comfortable answers” when it comes to determining “what kinds of bad behavior or criminality are acceptable in our artists and what kinds are not.”  What’s important in this age of knowledge is that we assess the information available as we make our own decisions about standing up for what we believe.

Serena Candelaria is a Rumpus intern, and a self-proclaimed fiction addict. This summer, she worked at 29th Street Publishing and began writing a novella. She is currently a senior at Yale, where she studies Literature. More from this author →